Where to buy hamster? – The best answer for you

You will not have to spend too much money and time to own and care for a hamster, because this hamster is quite affordable in the market and how to take care of them is quite simple. But not everyone knows how to buy a healthy and pretty hamster.

Here, we will answer the question of where to buy a hamster, and share experiences on how to buy a standard hamster, along with it!

How to choose a standard Hamster

You should note some points as follows, to be able to choose for themselves a suitable Hamster, lovely and really healthy hamster:

• First of all, you need to select and learn carefully each of the mouse varieties that you feel like and best suited to your conditions and interests. You should choose the Hamster Robo or the Winter Hamster if you like a gentle, meek and lovely hamster. Choose a Cambell or a Bear mouse if you like hyperactive mice.

• Mice should be selected about 2 months old. Because in their lifetime, these mice are in the healthiest stage. Regarding the age of the mouse you want to buy, you should ask the seller directly.

• To ensure the purchase of a healthy mouse, go to reputable and quality shops, not to bring their common pathogens, to protect them is to protect you.

• Should go buy hamsters in the afternoon, or exactly in the evening if selected. Because daytime is usually the time they go to bed and rats are nocturnal. Now to choose the right and most accurate, it will be difficult to see which one is really healthy.

Where to buy hamster?

Because hamsters are so popular, hamsters are now very much available on the market for all types and prices. You can even buy hamster mice for an extremely cheap price. However, buyers should be careful when buying hamsters for very cheap prices, because the quality of mice is not guaranteed, poor health and few good qualities. Not to mention that these mice are at risk of carrying germs. So where to buy hamster?

Pet shop that sells hamsters

With the prevalence of hamsters on the market, you can easily find stores that sell these mice and come directly to buy. Usually, pet stores will choose good quality baby ones to sell and will come with a warranty if you come to buy a mouse. You can also come and check and be consulted carefully by your counselor before choosing. So this method of buying is quite safe.

Specialized sites, forums of buying, selling and exchanging Hamster mice

This method of buying Hamsters is extremely convenient, fast and gives you more options. You can find a seller and a mouse like that anywhere. Moreover, the price is also cheaper than when buying at the store.

The drawback of online shopping is that the sellers are too rampant, the scammers easily mix and make you buy poor quality mice. The solution is to choose a person who sells their accommodation, to take place to directly check the mouse quality. Besides, should be wary of news that sell hamsters at very cheap prices.