The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 4)

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer is famous for being very intelligent and friendly, they are very docile and always in the easiest breed of dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer is the perfect companion for your family due to their size and friendliness. With alertness, sensitivity, cheerfulness, they make them easy to adapt to all lifestyles.

They are a very wonderful breed, if you have small children, then raising a Miniature Schnauzer will be like raising another baby! Like many other children, dogs are very active and love to be cared for by everyone.

Miniature Schnauzer has a high alertness, they are very alert to strangers, keep the house well, detect and alert strangers to enter the house very quickly and accurately. But to your guests, they will be enthusiastic and cheerful.

Belgian Malinois

It’s not natural for the Malinois to be the United States Secret Service’s (USSS) top pick, and the Malinois is a leading breed in the world – both in intelligence and stature. Therefore, this breed is also listed on the list of the easiest breeds to keep.

Known for their strong protective instincts and being always energetic, they learn commands quickly.

Like their cousin, the German Shepherd Dog, the Belgian Shepherd Dog can search, rescue and perform security duties as well. As you may not have known, the Malinois is the first choice for serving on duty to guard the American White House.

This breed is perfect for owners who are passionate about sports, so if you enjoy jogging or cycling, bring a Belgian shepherd dog.

Boxer dog

The Boxer is a perfect breed for every family. They are intelligent, talented, always active and cheerful.

In the past, they were raised for human entertainment purposes, because of their good ability to absorb, they learned the entertainment items quite quickly. Boxer loves children and will give them good protection.

Despite their ferocious appearance, their nature is very gentle. Boxer is very active, brave, confident, smart, loyal, always steadfast and calm, … with the above advantages, Boxer will be a great choice for your family.

The Collie Dog

Lassie is a 1950s movie and movie star dog. Although this is just fiction, Lassie has characteristics not much different from the Collie in real life.

Collie has high intelligence, loyalty and vigilance towards humans. This loyal, obedient, active friend will definitely support you no matter what!

With their sensitivity, they will give you the feeling that they are like a furry human!

Collie is not a shy dog ​​but their love for you will make your heart melt. You should brush them once or twice a week, this is a small act in exchange for a great affection.

Australian Shepherd

This is a breed in the herding dog group – the Australian Shepherd or affectionately known as the “Aussie” – this is one of the easiest to train.

Aussie has high intelligence, has a dynamic and emotional nature. This is also a friend of children and a loyal bodyguard of your family.

Once they bond with you, especially the children, Aussie will certainly not let them be in danger, their herding instincts will be promoted if your child walks to the curb where traffic is coming. They will help your child out of danger with their inherent gentle and calm demeanor.

To sum it up, Aussie is a working dog, when on a mission, they are very focused, so don’t worry – your kid is pretty safe with an Aussie on a mission!