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Peterbald cat

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 2)

2. Savannah cats: 1,500 – 50,000 $

This is a special breed of cat, bred from domestic cats (Siamese cats) with Serval cats (African wild cats). With generations from F1 to F5, the price of Savana cats will decrease. And the most expensive is the Savanah F1 cats with the shape closest to the wild. A cat can cost up to $ 50,000 with this wild trait.

According to some sources, the cat was born on April 7, 1986 with a successful breed of Judee Frank and it was registered by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001.

tinh cach meo savannah

Adult Savannah cats weigh over 15kg. And with ordinary small cats, their weight should not exceed 10kg.

It has a long body with a high neck, when large they look like wild leopard. Cats have a small head in the shape of an equilateral triangle, small eyes, wide ears, and a thick but short tail. Its special feature is that there are black stripes running down its cheeks like the Cheetah

The Savannah cat is not an easy cat breed compared to other breeds, especially for beginners. With a cross between domestic cats and wild cats, Savannah is extremely adventurous. so they are always in hiding and extremely active

However, with the owner, it is also very emotional and approachable and sometimes it also protects your family. This is exactly why, despite being so wild, many people still choose Savannah as a pet.

How to take care of the cat: pay attention to the cat’s coat, can feed the cat dry or wet foods and add some fresh foods such as meat and fish to supplement nutrition.

3. Peterbald cat: 1,200-5,000 USD

This is the 8th most expensive cat breed in the world, and is similar to the Sphynx cat, which is also a hairless breed. The Peterbald breed is known to be the result of a cross between the male Don Sphynx and the Oriental female in 1944. It was the invention of the cat researcher Olga SMirnova.

The cat’s body is slender, the tail is like a whip, and the legs are extremely slim. Its head is wedge-shaped, with large eyes and characteristic ears. There are wrinkles on the head, neck, tail, lower abdomen. This is an extremely intelligent, powerful and humorous cat with mischief. And especially, it is also extremely sociable with domestic pets. So this is a very popular cat breed on the market today.

cham soc meo peterbald

The average life span of cats can be 10-12 years, and can last longer if they live in a good environment. The Peterbald cat is considered to be a non-allergenic cat breed. Because cats are less furry and need frequent baths, they are difficult to irritate skin of all ages.

How to take care of your cat

• For cats that are beginning to practice or are less than 3 months old, feed them 4-5 meals/day in combination with warm milk. From 3-6 months, they can eat 4 meals/day and over 6 months can let them eat 2 meals/day. Especially need to add starch, fat, vitamins to balance the health of the cat

• Bathe and groom them regularly. And you can buy personal insurance for your cat.