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Norwegian wild cat

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 3)

4. American cats with twisted ears: 1,000-3,000 USD

The twisted-eared American cat is also known by many people with a very cute name: the American curly-ear cat. The ears of the certificate start to curl as they enter the 3-4 year old development process. This is a cat breed produced by natural genetic mutations and developed by humans. This cat breed is of medium size and weight. The weight of children is from 2.3-3.6kg. Males from 3-4.5kg. Document height 25-35cm. Their lifespan is about 13 years.

The twisted-eared American cat is an extremely easy-to-keep, friendly, lovely cat with a distinctive pair of ears that do not “touch”. It is easy to feed and in good health, suitable for all ages. Therefore, this is a cat breed that is also quite popular in all families that love animals.

meo my tai xoan

Take care of and feed another cat’s diet. Attention should be paid to cleaning cat ears regularly, and regularly visiting so that the cat is properly protected. In addition, regularly grooming the coat to keep the cat soft.

5. Norwegian wild cat: 600-3,000 USD

According to some sources this is the breed of cat found in Northern Europe and it is adapted to very cold climates. It was recognized by countries in Europe and the International Cat Breeding Association in 1977. The male Norwegian wild cat can weigh up to 9kg, and the female cat ranges from less than 9kg. They have a lifespan of 13-16 years.

This cat has a large wedge-shaped head and almond eyes. The nose is straight, the ears are large and broad, and the neck is large. Because it can withstand very cold weather, the cat’s coat is extremely thick. The special feature of this breed is that it has a large mane like the mighty lions.

The reason that cat fur is so thick is that it consists of two layers: the upper layer is glossy, long, rippled, and the lower layer acts as an insulation. In spring, they will be thin and light, in autumn they will lose their old coat to put on their new outfit.

tinh cach meo rung na uy

The Norwegian wild cat also has a variety of coat colors: smoky gray, dark black, brown mixed with red, white, red, striped or colored marble. This is considered a very polite, friendly, sociable and active cat. That is the reason so many people hunt for them.

How to take care of the cat: let the cat move, climb … dynamic games. Pay attention to their daily food as this is a cat that is quite prone to weight gain. And it is important to let the cat exercise regularly to keep a lovely body.