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Me-o Cat Litter

Guide to choosing a sanitary cat for cats

You are raising a very cute cat and are learning to buy sanitary litter for it. You wonder what kind of hygiene cat litter is best for cats.

The following article will help you make a choice.

Cat litter for cats without clumps

This cat litter waste very well does not clump and you will have to change the sand and clean the cat regularly. However, this type of sand dominates the price, they are much cheaper than other types of sand.

Sand made of glass

Made up of silica particles that closely resemble desiccants or preservatives in deodorizing packages. The weight of this cat litter is very light, water-absorbing and strong-smelling, dust-free and does not stick to the paws. The price of this cat is quite high compared to other types of sand and you will be much more expensive to use for cats.

Waste will be deposited on the bottom of the litter box because the glass particles do not clump, and you will also be able to tell when the cat needs to be replaced. Note that this type of sand is not suitable for cats with diabetes, digestive diseases because of its low antibacterial ability.

Sanitary sand from recycled components

This sand form is biodegradable, can be discharged directly to the toilet, absorbing waste very quickly but with bad odor. Sand made from scrap wood will have the fragrance of wood to help control the smell of waste and eliminate toxins. Small wood grains of sand usually cause dust and you have to change them often because they quickly convert into sawdust. Sand made from pulp and pressed wood is similar and can be handled directly by flushing it into a toilet without worrying about congestion.

Cat litter for cats

Sanitary clay Bentonite clay

This is the most popular type of hygienic cat for cats today with the main ingredient is Bentonite soil. This sand has excellent absorbency, high ductility and deodorizing up to 370%. When exposed to cat waste, sand quickly forms into lumps that make it easy to clean and replace. The price of this sand is also very reasonable because it is manufactured and processed with a lot of dirt, can not be discharged into the toilet.

Sanitary clotted sand small particles

Small-grained clay sand is currently the most preferred product. Cats often dislike the overly fragrant sand that is caused by synthetic fragrances. Therefore, you should choose small grains of sand with a slight natural scent or odorless.

Cat litter for good kind?

CATSAN Cat Litter

This is a sanitary sand line made of natural materials with good deodorizing and clotting ability. This product line will make it easier for you to handle your cat’s feces and urine. When cleaning, use shovels to scoop up lumps and put them in the trash. Note, do not let cat litter that has been soiled in sand on the toilet.

Me-O Cat Litter

This is a hygienic cat line for cats that is used by many people at a low cost. With the ability to absorb moisture quickly and kill bacteria. It will limit the odor is very good, suitable for cat owners in a small room. In addition, it also has a pleasant fragrance to help the cat and your room always in the best state.

 Crystal Clean glass sand

As an extremely strong desiccant and deodorant, glass sanitary sand is being used a lot today. This is a pretty good product line, you should also try to use.