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easiest breeds

The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 3)


Rottweiler or “Rotti” dog is very confident, emotional, and intelligent. They are very loyal and committed to their owners – so Rotti is easy to train and train. This is why the Carrot is on the list of the easiest breeds to keep.

“Rotties”, if nurtured by discipline, along with the love from the owner, will become very docile and do not have many potentially dangerous behaviors. Rotti is sometimes very aggressive, but at the same time is also a lovely companion.

They can be intimidating to those who do not know but are very kind, calm, and responsible towards their owners. Rotti learns very quickly and will complete the assigned tasks well.

Also, you should play more, care more about them, because Rotti will feel very happy if you play with them.

Corgi dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi can be called Pem or Corgi for short. Corgi is very intelligent, easy to train, agile, highly adaptable, agile and always wants to please his owner. This is the reason why the Corgi dog is always in the top of the easiest dog breeds.

They are neither shy nor aggressive – that is the reason why Corgi has become a watchdog, a great companion for every family.

Corgi small in size was originally raised with the purpose of herding cattle in Wales. And today, they are the most favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II.

They are bold, playful, extroverted, tenacious, highly protective, and very friendly. The corgi has a short coat and does not require too much brushing.

In addition, they are very active and love to play, despite having short legs, but the Corgi has a surprising speed when chasing the ball, you should give them moderate exercise and love them more – but this will make your dog happier.

The Corgi has an instinct to defend its territory and drive intruders out of your yard, such as the neighbor’s cat! They are easy to a company with other pets, but the Corgi most like cattle and horses.