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British cats

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 5)

8. Scottish Fold Cat.

This is a cat breed that originated in Scotland and dates back to 1961. Scottish Folds possess ears with 4 different degrees of pitch. Along with her plump face, it is always a great attraction. The color of this cat breed is also extremely diverse: gray, blue, gray, silver, gold. This is a very cute, sociable, and considered calm and “mature” cat compared to other friend same age

A Scottish Fold weighs an average of 2-4kg in females and 3-6kg in males

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly brush and check the cat’s eyes. Although this is a healthy breed, it is also necessary to have regular vaccinations to ensure their health

• The Scottish Fold is a cat breed that is susceptible to cardiomyopathy, kidney failure and bone and joint diseases, so it is necessary to take care and monitor the cat regularly and carefully.

9. Persian Cat.

The Persian cat is known as the super-cute line of Persian cats. Their fur is extremely warm, thick with 2 puffy coats, very suitable to withstand the cold weather. For this breed, they are extremely temperate, gentle, and love to be petted and cuddled by their owners. This is the biggest reason to attract the number of people who want to buy cats.

Like other cats, the Persian cat has small ears, big round eyes and a more special feature is that they have a lovely flat nose. They can be 28-35cm tall and weigh an average of 3-5kg. Persia is also extremely diverse with different coat colors: cream, white, gray-green, red, etc.

How to take care of your cat:

• Feed them cat nuts, and get nutrients from fresh produce: beef, chicken, fish. Be careful not to feed your cat pork

• Besides, it is necessary to add vitamins and minerals to the cat, brush regularly to keep them smooth and clean

10. British cats with short hairs

The short-haired British cat is known to be an artificial cat and appeared around 100 years AD. The short-haired British cat has a face that “captivates” people at first sight. Their small appearance, plump body, short legs that make all ages feel amused. His eyes were always sparkling and full of mildness.

This is a docile cat, extremely docile, lovely and extremely intelligent. Not only that, it is also very affectionate, is an ideal cat for those who are wishing to buy cats as pets.

The short-haired British cat has good cold tolerance, the weight ranges from 4-7.5kg and the length is from 32-35cm. This cat is extremely sociable, friendly, does not disturb the owner and is extremely active and mischievous. It is suitable for all ages with beautiful little puckered ears.

How to take care of your cat:

• Choose the right cat shower gel so that they don’t have allergies. Feed your cat with cat seeds or fresh meat, fish. Buy cat litter to make sure it stays clean. Also, play with your cat regularly and brush it. If your cat has a claw and other toy items in the house, your cat will enjoy more