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Ashera cat

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 1)

Referring to cats, people often think of a pet that is extremely popular in the world. But few people know, in addition to their cute and adorable appearance, there are cat breeds that carry extremely expensive prices, up to hundreds of US dollars.

Let’s take a look at the TOP 10 most expensive cats on the market today.

1. Ashera cat ~ $ 20,000

Ashera cats are known by another name “artificial cat”, they are not naturally spawning but are an expensive product of LifeStyle Pets Company.

Asherah cat has a quite special coat, it is a blend of Asian leopard, African wildcat and a domestic cat. At the same time it also inherits the wild cheetah in its eyes and an elongated body.

An Ashera cat will weigh 12-15kg and can be up to 1m high, capable of bouncing 2.5m high. What’s even more special is that they have a lifespan of up to 25 years, a very high number compared to other cat breeds.

meo ashera

According to the source of LifeStyle Pets, the Ashera cat has 4 hair styles:

  • Common Ashera (Common Ashera): Brown-yellow hair associated with speckled
  • Hypoallergenic Ashera: Golden brown hair with blotchy combination and does not cause allergy in contact
  • Snow Ashera: Cream-white or white-white with a few spots
  • Royal Ashera: This is considered an extremely rare coat color and the number of Ashera cats with this color each year is a very small number. It can be yellow brown or white with blotchy spots

Although Ashera cat looks extremely wild, but in fact it is extremely tangerine and friendly with the owner. Therefore, this is a cat breed that many people love and hunt for as a pet.

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly groom its coat.

• Offer them dry canned cat food or foods like chicken, fish, etc.

• Use common cat bath lotions to bathe Ashera.

• Get vaccinated regularly to keep your cat healthy.