Sports stars with an unusual pet hobby

Instead of the familiar pet, such as dogs, cats or horses, sports stars are now rushing to raise pets in unusual, unusual forms. Over here, they seem to want to show their class and their willingness to play about pets like this …

Right in the last time to the Russian capital, a famous American boxer, Floyd Mayweather has caused many firefighters to show images with a large tiger with white fur on the Instagram society.

Fearless, the boxer with the nickname “Single girl to defeat” even frolic with the lord of the forest before the camera. According to learn, the owner of the tiger with Mayweather inherently has a close relationship with each other. In particular, the two also have a hobby of raising tigers in the house to entertain.

More specifically, Mayweather had previously received an unexpected gift as a … “Mr. Trinity” during Christmas 2015 from a friend in Russia. At first, Mayweather proved quite embarrassing because he did not know what to do with the tiger sent to him. Even so, the ever-impressive puncher of 50 matches in the competitive career decided to raise the tiger.

According to shared information from Mayweather’s close source, tiger farming can be seen as a form of showing all the strength of a famous American puncher. A majestic Mayweather in the arena of course must have adequate pets, such as the forest lord.

Not only Mayweather, but also another famous punchman in the boxing world, Mike Tyson, has also picked up the tiger home as a pet. At the same time, the puncher nicknamed “Steel Boxer” paid money to buy 3 Bengal tigers with the amount of up to £ 171,000. The profession is very elaborate.

In addition to the initial amount of money spent quite a lot, tiger breeding screen to keep the pet then Tyson’s spend quite a lot of money for arising problems such as hiring a tiger to walk in the park at the villa. daily rate. Strange, Tyson has always been the focus of attention when appearing in public with the majestic tiger, standing beside him.


Sharing the same hobby of raising animals, we must mention the American football star, Louis Delmas. Certainly, the masses will have the feeling of looking for a heart if they see a crocodile nearly 2 meters long raised by Delmas at home. If Delmas proved to be very passionate, this athlete was unable to pursue this creepy hobby after all. The reason by Mojo, the name of a pet crocodile is growing in size. Of course, Delmas could not cuddle the crocodile he kept for a long time before.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Delmas faces fierce opposition from neighbors living around fearing the risk of insecurity once the crocodile Mojo crawls out. Even some comrades of the familiar form of Delmas do not dare to go to the Delmas house to gather and smash as fun as before. Although it is not said, anyone who understands Delmas’s comrades just think of Mojo’s deadly teeth is shuddering enough.

Similar to Louis Delmas, basketball player Gilbert Arenas has made noise for his unusual pet. Breeding dogs, cats or horses seemed too mediocre to Gilbert, so the American athlete decided to raise … sharks. This is really a very expensive hobby and of course not for those who are weak.