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Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 1)

Referring to cats, people often think of a pet that is extremely popular in the world. But few people know, in addition to their cute and adorable appearance, there are cat breeds that carry extremely expensive prices, up to hundreds of US dollars.

Let’s take a look at the TOP 10 most expensive cats on the market today.

1. Ashera cat ~ $ 20,000

Ashera cats are known by another name “artificial cat”, they are not naturally spawning but are an expensive product of LifeStyle Pets Company.

Asherah cat has a quite special coat, it is a blend of Asian leopard, African wildcat and a domestic cat. At the same time it also inherits the wild cheetah in its eyes and an elongated body.

An Ashera cat will weigh 12-15kg and can be up to 1m high, capable of bouncing 2.5m high. What’s even more special is that they have a lifespan of up to 25 years, a very high number compared to other cat breeds.

meo ashera

According to the source of LifeStyle Pets, the Ashera cat has 4 hair styles:

  • Common Ashera (Common Ashera): Brown-yellow hair associated with speckled
  • Hypoallergenic Ashera: Golden brown hair with blotchy combination and does not cause allergy in contact
  • Snow Ashera: Cream-white or white-white with a few spots
  • Royal Ashera: This is considered an extremely rare coat color and the number of Ashera cats with this color each year is a very small number. It can be yellow brown or white with blotchy spots

Although Ashera cat looks extremely wild, but in fact it is extremely tangerine and friendly with the owner. Therefore, this is a cat breed that many people love and hunt for as a pet.

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly groom its coat.

• Offer them dry canned cat food or foods like chicken, fish, etc.

• Use common cat bath lotions to bathe Ashera.

• Get vaccinated regularly to keep your cat healthy.

6 simple ways to check your pet’s health at home

Currently, pet farming has become popular. To make sure they live long and healthy, we need to conduct regular home inspections.

1. Measure temperature

To check regularly at home, you can buy a special thermometer that measures a pet’s temperature by placing the probe in the ear. The normal temperature range of cats is 100°F – 102.5°F (37.7°C – 39.1°C). The average temperature in dogs is usually 101°F (38°C), but it is better if it is higher or lower than this by 1 to 2 degrees.


2. Measure and control your pet’s heart rate

For this process, you will need to prepare a stopwatch or a timer function on the smartphone.

– To measure the cat’s heart rate, just place your hand on the chest behind the cat’s elbow. Count beats for 15 seconds and multiplies the result by 4 times. The normal heart rate of cats is 140-220 beats per minute.

– To measure the heart rate of a dog, place the palm on the chest under the armpit. Count the beat similar to the above. The normal heart rate of a dog is 70-120 beats per minute (depending on the size of the animal).


– Check your pet’s eye problems: Eye problems are one of the most common reasons for dogs and cats to visit a vet. Eye infections have many different forms, one of the causes of blindness, leaving serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to check and clean your eyes. In case you notice that their eyes have any inflammation, do not hesitate to see a veterinarian.

3. Check ears to find ticks and scratches


A pet’s ear test can help you detect parasites and infections early. Check carefully both outside and inside. It should be noted that when a pet has one of the following symptoms: earache, smell, inflamed skin, a bump, strange object in the ear.

4. Weight control and attention to pet behavior


In addition to checking the body parts, you need to monitor the amount of food and behavior of the pet. Just like humans, obese pets are at risk for diseases that prevent them from living long. Pay attention when they are suddenly lazy, sad or have any unusual actions.

5. Check your pet’s fur and skin


Check your pet’s skin for scratches or parasites, especially when they play outside. Early detection of unusual symptoms is easy to find positive treatment for your pet.

Where to buy hamster? – The best answer for you

You will not have to spend too much money and time to own and care for a hamster, because this hamster is quite affordable in the market and how to take care of them is quite simple. But not everyone knows how to buy a healthy and pretty hamster.

Here, we will answer the question of where to buy a hamster, and share experiences on how to buy a standard hamster, along with it!

How to choose a standard Hamster

You should note some points as follows, to be able to choose for themselves a suitable Hamster, lovely and really healthy hamster:

• First of all, you need to select and learn carefully each of the mouse varieties that you feel like and best suited to your conditions and interests. You should choose the Hamster Robo or the Winter Hamster if you like a gentle, meek and lovely hamster. Choose a Cambell or a Bear mouse if you like hyperactive mice.

• Mice should be selected about 2 months old. Because in their lifetime, these mice are in the healthiest stage. Regarding the age of the mouse you want to buy, you should ask the seller directly.

• To ensure the purchase of a healthy mouse, go to reputable and quality shops, not to bring their common pathogens, to protect them is to protect you.

• Should go buy hamsters in the afternoon, or exactly in the evening if selected. Because daytime is usually the time they go to bed and rats are nocturnal. Now to choose the right and most accurate, it will be difficult to see which one is really healthy.

Where to buy hamster?

Because hamsters are so popular, hamsters are now very much available on the market for all types and prices. You can even buy hamster mice for an extremely cheap price. However, buyers should be careful when buying hamsters for very cheap prices, because the quality of mice is not guaranteed, poor health and few good qualities. Not to mention that these mice are at risk of carrying germs. So where to buy hamster?

Pet shop that sells hamsters

With the prevalence of hamsters on the market, you can easily find stores that sell these mice and come directly to buy. Usually, pet stores will choose good quality baby ones to sell and will come with a warranty if you come to buy a mouse. You can also come and check and be consulted carefully by your counselor before choosing. So this method of buying is quite safe.

Specialized sites, forums of buying, selling and exchanging Hamster mice

This method of buying Hamsters is extremely convenient, fast and gives you more options. You can find a seller and a mouse like that anywhere. Moreover, the price is also cheaper than when buying at the store.

The drawback of online shopping is that the sellers are too rampant, the scammers easily mix and make you buy poor quality mice. The solution is to choose a person who sells their accommodation, to take place to directly check the mouse quality. Besides, should be wary of news that sell hamsters at very cheap prices.

These pet care applications that you cannot ignore

Pet Coach, vPET, Bring Fido are great apps for pet lovers.

For animal lovers, pets are just like family members. Therefore, you need to quickly update how to take care of your health and raise them. However, the cost of such things is often quite expensive. So how to take care of the best pet just save costs? Don’t worry, these 5 super cool apps below will help you.

Pet Coach

If you still have concerns about your dog’s health, training, nutrition, or anything else, PetCoach will support you in all that.

Users can ask for advice directly from an expert because this app allows you to get in touch 24/7 with certified veterinarians, dog trainers, animal nutritionists and experts. other. In addition, you can also send an expert an image of your dog for advice on diet, or review their injuries.

Những ứng dụng siêu hay ho để chăm sóc thú cưng mà các con sen không thể bỏ qua - Ảnh 1.


Vpet is the 4.0 pet care technology. The software possesses new features such as health monitoring, emergency call and treatment, besides constantly providing users with useful knowledge and information from other pet lovers from the pet community. .

Users can call an emergency vet or emergency veterinary, schedule an examination / treatment / surgery to suit their own time. In addition, you can also buy products, pet food and many other interesting features on Vpet.

Bring Fido

Instead of health care, this app will help you bring your pet anywhere. Bring Fido provides a comprehensive list of pet-friendly hotels and motels, as well as other friendly locations like parks or restaurants. So you absolutely can travel with your 4-legged friend.

Những ứng dụng siêu hay ho để chăm sóc thú cưng mà các con sen không thể bỏ qua - Ảnh 3.


With Bark Cam, your dog has his own social network and can become a 4-leg model. It is specially designed to help users capture every moment of your dog by drawing their attention to the camera. Bark Cam is really useful for those who like to keep photos with their furry friends.

Relax My Dog

Don’t think puppies are always happy. They also have times of stress or fatigue. Therefore, Relax My Dog will be an extremely suitable application to give your pet great relaxing moments.

The tunes of the application are designed exclusively for dogs with high frequency sounds. It helps dogs relieve stress, calm them and sleep better. You can use this app to help your dog get used to it every time he moves to a new place of residence.

10 surprising benefits of cats and dogs

Dogs can detect cancer in their owners, while cats help relieve stress, reducing the risk of death from heart disease.

Pets not only make people happy but also bring about many health benefits. Here are the benefits of a pet offered by Reader’s Digest.

Avoid social isolation

In a study in the journal Anthrozoös about past experiences of being abandoned, participants were asked to name a photo of a cat, dog, person or toy. As a result, volunteers named the animals with more positive emotions than those who used the names given to photos. Individuals who treat animals or human-like objects (such as when talking to pets) are often empathetic and have special ways of thinking to combat negative emotions.

Loneliness reduction

Loneliness is closely related to many dangerous diseases like heart disease or Alzheimer’s. According to a study in the journal Aging and Mental Health, pet owners’ ability to feel loneliness is 36% lower than others. Research also shows that furry friends help people living alone to communicate better.

Reduce stress

A study in Sweden noted that the amount of cortisol or stress hormone in female volunteers decreased after 15 to 30 minutes of stroking a dog. Meanwhile, oxytocin or the happy hormone level increases after one to five minutes, for dog owners. Their heart rate also maintained lower after an hour.

Protect the cardiovascular system

Cats help relieve stress and reduce the risk of death from heart disease, cited a study in the Journal of Vascular Neurology and Neurological Interventions. People who currently have or have had cats have a lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who do not own the animal.

Keep your mind clear

Research published in Anthrozoös shows that older people who own cats or dogs are better able to focus, remember and make decisions.

Encourage exercise

When walking the dog, your health also improves. At the University of Michigan, research results show one of the many benefits of raising a dog shown at the time of exercise increased to 30 minutes.

Pain relief

Spending time with your pet can also help you avoid postoperative pain. Research in Anthrozoös found that patients who spent 15 minutes playing with dogs after joint replacement surgery used fewer pain medications than those who didn’t use this particular therapy.

Reduce the risk of allergies

According to a study of clinical and experimental allergies, pets lower the risk of childhood allergies. The likelihood of adults having allergies in families who own pets when they’re young is reduced by 50%. Early contact is important and rearing animals does not have the same effect on the immune system as above.

Control blood sugar

According to a study in PLoS ONE, individuals aged 9 to 19 can better control type 1 diabetes when raising pets. By actively taking care of animals, the blood sugar level is maintained more stable 2.5 times. The researchers concluded that those involved in caring for pets were more responsible and familiar with everyday tasks.

Against cancer

One surprise benefit of having a pet lies in their ability to detect cancer in humans. In the British Medical Journal, dogs can accurately detect early bowel cancer with high accuracy. Specifically, a trained Labrador retriever completed 74 sniffing tests including breath and stool samples. In it, it identified samples containing cancer: 33 out of 36 breath samples and 37 out of 38 stool samples. In addition, dogs can also detect other cancers such as bladder, skin, lung, breast and ovaries.

At home isolated, the owner uses the drone to take his dog for a walk

A man in the Republic of Cyprus used a drone to take his dog for a walk during his home isolation.

In the context of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, authorities in many countries have asked people not to go to the streets, to stop playing venues to avoid the risk of virus spreading.

Many people have come up with unique ways to abide by the rules but still do not interfere with daily routines. For example, Vakis Demetriou, a man in the Republic of Cyprus, used a remote control drone to take his dog for a walk while he was still at home avoiding the epidemic.

In a video posted by Demetriou on Facebook on March 18, the dog was tied to a drone, running off the road while the drone flew behind to keep it from running away.

At the end of the video, Demetriou also sent the message “Stay home to be safe, but don’t forget to make your puppy happy”.

The video quickly caught the attention of the online community, even shared by news sites like The New York Daily News because it was too cute. The video has now reached more than 4.2 million views on Twitter.

Interestingly, the expression of the dog does not care what is driving him is a machine or a person. Some Twitter accounts are also humorous as to who will clean up his “dumps” after everything is done.

In the present time, the drones are becoming effective assistance of humans. In China, authorities use drones to monitor and remind people to wear masks, deliver goods, spray disinfectants and test their body temperature. Spanish police and the state of California (USA) also use drones to remind people to limit the road if not needed.

On March 15, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, declared a state of emergency because of an epidemic and implemented a number of measures, such as closing public areas and trade centers. Health certification entry into the country. Many countries around the world use similar measures to control epidemics.

Dog health care ensures the best development

Dog health care is the best way to help dogs grow, you will get your pet dog that is always healthy and restful, who is your soulmate. So you need to take care of them properly.

The following article will teach you how to take good care of your pet dog. Please refer to the article to improve your knowledge to help your dog grow comprehensively.

Nutrition for dogs

Dog nutrition is the secret of health care for your beloved dog, making them smart, lovely, healthy, agile and obedient to you.

To be able to take good care you should pay attention to the nutritional issue of top priority. If the dog is provided with sufficient nutrients, it will help their body to stimulate cognitive awareness as well as to quickly acquire the language and gesture of the owner in a better way. A reasonable diet should be provided with dog food with adequate nutrients, you can refer to some foods such as rice flour, corn flour, minced meat will be used for puppies. Lovely unfinished digestive system. For large dogs, you should add nutrients to some other nutrients to provide energy for their activity and weight such as: Protein, fat, starch, minerals and vitamine. You should choose foods from natural foods.


Note, for dog health care you need to cook food and dry food yourself, you should eat soft to ensure digestive health for dogs. You should not abuse too much food that has been meeting or dry food because they contain preservatives that are at risk of affecting the health of your favorite dog and dog.

You should feed your dog a lot of fruits and vegetables while providing nutrients for dogs and not at risk of causing unwanted effects affecting the health of dogs, while helping their fur smooth and shiny.

Feed dogs properly

Eating dogs properly helps dogs absorb nutrients in the best way. Contraindicated for your pet dog to eat too much milk, fishy fish, too much fat or too salty. Absolutely do not feed dogs live food especially animal organs. Because these foods are at risk of causing dog diseases and contain a lot of toxins that are highly carcinogenic.


You absolutely should not give your dog the ready-to-eat sausages, etc. these foods will make your dog shorten its life and may be at risk of dying before adulthood.

Please apply to taking care of your pet dog in the best way!

Guide to choosing a sanitary cat for cats

You are raising a very cute cat and are learning to buy sanitary litter for it. You wonder what kind of hygiene cat litter is best for cats.

The following article will help you make a choice.

Cat litter for cats without clumps

This cat litter waste very well does not clump and you will have to change the sand and clean the cat regularly. However, this type of sand dominates the price, they are much cheaper than other types of sand.

Sand made of glass

Made up of silica particles that closely resemble desiccants or preservatives in deodorizing packages. The weight of this cat litter is very light, water-absorbing and strong-smelling, dust-free and does not stick to the paws. The price of this cat is quite high compared to other types of sand and you will be much more expensive to use for cats.

Waste will be deposited on the bottom of the litter box because the glass particles do not clump, and you will also be able to tell when the cat needs to be replaced. Note that this type of sand is not suitable for cats with diabetes, digestive diseases because of its low antibacterial ability.

Sanitary sand from recycled components

This sand form is biodegradable, can be discharged directly to the toilet, absorbing waste very quickly but with bad odor. Sand made from scrap wood will have the fragrance of wood to help control the smell of waste and eliminate toxins. Small wood grains of sand usually cause dust and you have to change them often because they quickly convert into sawdust. Sand made from pulp and pressed wood is similar and can be handled directly by flushing it into a toilet without worrying about congestion.

Cat litter for cats

Sanitary clay Bentonite clay

This is the most popular type of hygienic cat for cats today with the main ingredient is Bentonite soil. This sand has excellent absorbency, high ductility and deodorizing up to 370%. When exposed to cat waste, sand quickly forms into lumps that make it easy to clean and replace. The price of this sand is also very reasonable because it is manufactured and processed with a lot of dirt, can not be discharged into the toilet.

Sanitary clotted sand small particles

Small-grained clay sand is currently the most preferred product. Cats often dislike the overly fragrant sand that is caused by synthetic fragrances. Therefore, you should choose small grains of sand with a slight natural scent or odorless.

Cat litter for good kind?

CATSAN Cat Litter

This is a sanitary sand line made of natural materials with good deodorizing and clotting ability. This product line will make it easier for you to handle your cat’s feces and urine. When cleaning, use shovels to scoop up lumps and put them in the trash. Note, do not let cat litter that has been soiled in sand on the toilet.

Me-O Cat Litter

This is a hygienic cat line for cats that is used by many people at a low cost. With the ability to absorb moisture quickly and kill bacteria. It will limit the odor is very good, suitable for cat owners in a small room. In addition, it also has a pleasant fragrance to help the cat and your room always in the best state.

 Crystal Clean glass sand

As an extremely strong desiccant and deodorant, glass sanitary sand is being used a lot today. This is a pretty good product line, you should also try to use.

Cat characteristics by age you should know

Cats are very popular pets, adaptable to high survivability. Currently, the status of kittens is neglected, in part because of the loss of sterilization.

A lot of you want to adopt a kitten but don’t know how to take care of it, especially an abandoned cat.


If a kitten loses its mother, who takes care of the babies, there are many things you should know:

  • Newborn cats are very soft, baby, wet hair sticking to the body.
  • Cats born 2 to 3 days have not opened their eyes, droopy ears, big bellies, dry but soft fur, hugging the cat’s body.
  • Between 5 and 10 days, kittens begin to open their eyes, ears are cropped, their bellies are big, the belly is little or no. The cat’s body was smaller than an adult’s hand, and started to crawl.
  • After 13 days, the cat’s eyes were mostly open but cloudy, his ears began to prick. A young kitten can lift its body.
  • At 3 weeks of age, kittens can stand up and play with people or other cats.
  • After 4 weeks of age the cat runs and jumps.
  • After 5 weeks of age, your cat will begin scratching your cat’s claws.
  • Cats aged 6 weeks to 10 weeks have enough teeth, stand upright, run and jump well. Green or yellow eye color for green or yellow/orange eyes. Light blue for cats with blue eyes.
  • Cats from 3 to 6 months of age, their eyes become clearer, no longer opaque, they will change their eye color at this stage again and then keep that eye color permanently. The fangs are small and clear.
  • Cats over 6 months of age have very clear eyes, pupils and black color and clear iris, very white teeth, big fangs.
  • Cats aged two and older are like a 6-month-old cat, but their paws begin to turn yellow, the older their teeth become. Some cats that have been given tarting will have less yellow teeth or remain white. Cats are now mature, very difficult to be friendly, it is best not to change owners after two years old.

These are the characteristics of cats for age beginners that the article just shared. Hopefully, the above information will be helpful to you!

Instructions on how to care for puppies simple and effective

Please refer to the following basic guidelines to bring the best for your dog offline.

1. Choose healthy puppies to feed

Everyone who buys a dog should pay attention, should only buy puppies from 2 to 2.5 months of age or older, thus ensuring the minimum physical strength when we take care. It is best to buy a dog owned by a mother with a mother dog at home, or directly imported to a clear background.


2. Prepare a thorough shelter for puppies

Puppy accommodation needs to be cool, warm, and have enough light, so you can sunbathe in the morning from 9-11h.

Puppy’s accommodation must have a fixed sleeping and hygienic place. Take away any chewable and swallowed puppies: plastic, iron, glass, etc., especially stay away from wires and electrical appliances, gas stoves, explosives, chemicals, and poisonous plants. Avoid putting puppies in high positions: windows, balconies, stairs easy to fall. Dogs should not be conditioned and located in front of the fans, as they can easily get cold.


3. How to bathe the puppy right?

When you just bought the dog you should not bathe your dog with water immediately, if you find that the dog can use dry shower powder. Because if you bathe right away, puppies are very likely to get pneumonia and then develop dangerous infectious diseases.

 Dogs can be bathed with warm water, so use dog soap to prevent ticks sold at supermarkets. Dry, dry immediately after bathing. Do not put water in dog ears. Use a clean cotton swab to clean the ear after a shower to prevent ear rot.

When should you not bathe your dog?

– When the weather is too cold, the North in the winter on cold days, the temperature drops below 18 degrees C.

– Puppy is nursing or has just separated from the mother.

– The dog is sick or shows signs of being sick.

– Newly acquired dogs


4. Diet for puppies

Puppies from 2 months to 6 months of age are fed 3 meals a day, divided equally throughout the day. Meals need a certain amount of time for the dog to digest his food. It is not necessarily that the person who feeds the dog at that time will not be reasonable in time.

Diets must be full of nutrients and energy: Protein, fat, starch, minerals and vitamins from natural foods. Do not abuse drugs, or synthetic foods. Be very careful not to overeat milk, fish, and fat.

Food must be cooked and diluted like porridge, do not give dry food is not good. How much is determined by the size of the dog, large or small, is estimated because it is not specific.