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The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 4)

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer is famous for being very intelligent and friendly, they are very docile and always in the easiest breed of dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer is the perfect companion for your family due to their size and friendliness. With alertness, sensitivity, cheerfulness, they make them easy to adapt to all lifestyles.

They are a very wonderful breed, if you have small children, then raising a Miniature Schnauzer will be like raising another baby! Like many other children, dogs are very active and love to be cared for by everyone.

Miniature Schnauzer has a high alertness, they are very alert to strangers, keep the house well, detect and alert strangers to enter the house very quickly and accurately. But to your guests, they will be enthusiastic and cheerful.

Belgian Malinois

It’s not natural for the Malinois to be the United States Secret Service’s (USSS) top pick, and the Malinois is a leading breed in the world – both in intelligence and stature. Therefore, this breed is also listed on the list of the easiest breeds to keep.

Known for their strong protective instincts and being always energetic, they learn commands quickly.

Like their cousin, the German Shepherd Dog, the Belgian Shepherd Dog can search, rescue and perform security duties as well. As you may not have known, the Malinois is the first choice for serving on duty to guard the American White House.

This breed is perfect for owners who are passionate about sports, so if you enjoy jogging or cycling, bring a Belgian shepherd dog.

Boxer dog

The Boxer is a perfect breed for every family. They are intelligent, talented, always active and cheerful.

In the past, they were raised for human entertainment purposes, because of their good ability to absorb, they learned the entertainment items quite quickly. Boxer loves children and will give them good protection.

Despite their ferocious appearance, their nature is very gentle. Boxer is very active, brave, confident, smart, loyal, always steadfast and calm, … with the above advantages, Boxer will be a great choice for your family.

The Collie Dog

Lassie is a 1950s movie and movie star dog. Although this is just fiction, Lassie has characteristics not much different from the Collie in real life.

Collie has high intelligence, loyalty and vigilance towards humans. This loyal, obedient, active friend will definitely support you no matter what!

With their sensitivity, they will give you the feeling that they are like a furry human!

Collie is not a shy dog ​​but their love for you will make your heart melt. You should brush them once or twice a week, this is a small act in exchange for a great affection.

Australian Shepherd

This is a breed in the herding dog group – the Australian Shepherd or affectionately known as the “Aussie” – this is one of the easiest to train.

Aussie has high intelligence, has a dynamic and emotional nature. This is also a friend of children and a loyal bodyguard of your family.

Once they bond with you, especially the children, Aussie will certainly not let them be in danger, their herding instincts will be promoted if your child walks to the curb where traffic is coming. They will help your child out of danger with their inherent gentle and calm demeanor.

To sum it up, Aussie is a working dog, when on a mission, they are very focused, so don’t worry – your kid is pretty safe with an Aussie on a mission!

The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 3)


Rottweiler or “Rotti” dog is very confident, emotional, and intelligent. They are very loyal and committed to their owners – so Rotti is easy to train and train. This is why the Carrot is on the list of the easiest breeds to keep.

“Rotties”, if nurtured by discipline, along with the love from the owner, will become very docile and do not have many potentially dangerous behaviors. Rotti is sometimes very aggressive, but at the same time is also a lovely companion.

They can be intimidating to those who do not know but are very kind, calm, and responsible towards their owners. Rotti learns very quickly and will complete the assigned tasks well.

Also, you should play more, care more about them, because Rotti will feel very happy if you play with them.

Corgi dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi can be called Pem or Corgi for short. Corgi is very intelligent, easy to train, agile, highly adaptable, agile and always wants to please his owner. This is the reason why the Corgi dog is always in the top of the easiest dog breeds.

They are neither shy nor aggressive – that is the reason why Corgi has become a watchdog, a great companion for every family.

Corgi small in size was originally raised with the purpose of herding cattle in Wales. And today, they are the most favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II.

They are bold, playful, extroverted, tenacious, highly protective, and very friendly. The corgi has a short coat and does not require too much brushing.

In addition, they are very active and love to play, despite having short legs, but the Corgi has a surprising speed when chasing the ball, you should give them moderate exercise and love them more – but this will make your dog happier.

The Corgi has an instinct to defend its territory and drive intruders out of your yard, such as the neighbor’s cat! They are easy to a company with other pets, but the Corgi most like cattle and horses.

The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 2)

Becgie dog

Incredible power, versatility and high intelligence are words that can help you get a glimpse of the German Shepherd Dog.

The German Shepherd breed has long been considered one of the easiest breeds to keep and is very intelligent, they are very good at many activities, because of their intelligence and ability to obey commands – the German shepherd dog has the power. The amount of police, the army uses a lot, in addition, they are very loyal and have a protective instinct – so they are an ideal companion for all families.

As a herd animal, the German Shepherd Dog has always wanted to be a part of the family, organization, team, and they will reciprocate your affection indefinitely.

German Shepherds are easy to train, learn quickly and understand instructions better than other dogs.

Besides, the German Shepherd Dog is an ideal friend for all families, they are very happy, active, loyal and bonding with children. The German Shepherd needs regular brushing, especially during the shedding season.

In order to maintain their health, you need to give them a nutritious diet, always have water ready because Shepherd drinks a lot.

Golden Retriever

Ranked fourth on the list of easiest breeds to breed – it’s the Golden Retriever, the first of its kind to have won the AKC championship title three times in competitions. Goldens is the brightest face in terms of obedience.

They always want to master satisfaction and happiness so they always complete their assigned tasks well. Golden Retriever has a pretty beautiful appearance, they have a well-proportioned, healthy body.

In terms of personality, Goldens have a very good temperament, they are very intelligent, they behave properly and love their owners very much, in addition, they are very gentle and patient with children, so Goldens is chosen by many families. choose.

Moreover, Goldens is also a job dog, so they are also used as a small assistant such as guide for the blind,…

Overall, Goldens is very friendly to people, so if you want to raise a dog with high protective instincts, then Goldens is not necessarily the right choice for you. In addition, Goldens loves outdoor activities, they enjoy playing, running, swimming, and chasing.

The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 1)

What are the easiest dog breeds to breed for beginners to care for a pet?

When looking at dog breeds, we usually look at many factors. Is that dog smart? Are they easy to train and care for? Are they suitable for your lifestyle?

People often think that dogs learn more or less depending on their intelligence level. In addition, a dog’s loyalty is a trait any dog ​​owner wants.

Once you decide to keep a dog, you need to be responsible for your dog, dogs are like children, they also have their own personality and needs.

If you are looking for a new member for your family, then you can consider the following 11 breeds, as they are rated as the easiest breeds to keep!

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a bright representative in the top of the easiest dog breeds. They are native to the Scottish and English borders (which is why they are named), this energetic breed is easy to train.

The Border Collie is very smart, can be ranked first among smart breeds, the Border Collies can learn a command after just 5 repetitions, and will comply with up to 95% accuracy.

Besides, they are very active and love sports, you can often see the Border Collies in dog competitions.

In addition, they are also very active, very good at games such as catching balls, throwing discs. Border Collies are a great companion for your family, however, they should be facilitated to join more people in addition to your family members.


Aside from the Border Collies, there is another smart dog on this list of easiest breeds, the Poodle.

The Poodle is very active, active and easy to train. As a fast learning dog, the Poodle excels at almost every activity.

Poodle has a small stomach, so you only need to feed them three small meals a day. In addition, Poodle likes activities such as tracking, swimming, training.

Poodle has 3 sizes that are Toy Poodle (Small Poodle), Miniature Poodle (Medium Poodle) and Standard Poodle (Big Poodle), if the Poodle is well cared for, then most of them have. can live well, healthy to adulthood.

When raising a Poodle, there is a mandatory requirement, that is, you must brush them weekly, which is also something that can create a connection between the owner and this little friend.

Poodle dogs need regular exercise, in addition, Poodle can easily adapt to all lifestyles.

Poodle is a breed that loves to be with people and play, so being a member of the family will make the Poodle very happy.

The most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world

Here, we will reveal a list of the names of the most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world voted by prestigious organizations and dog lovers.

Alaskan Malamute

It is not surprising that the Alaskan snow dog is one of the candidates holding the top position of the list of beautiful dog names in the world. As an offshoot of the Arctic snow wolves, which underwent crossbreeding with larger dog breeds, Alaska today possesses a brave appearance, incredible toughness and agility.

Siberian husky

Also the line of sled dogs with thick fur and majestic appearance, many people confuse the Husky dog ​​with Alaska. However, if you look closely you will notice that the Husky has a fierce face and shorter fur. They look much smaller, even half or 1/3 compared to Alaska.

Despite its wild, cold appearance, the snow dog’s personality is extremely gentle and friendly and is even known as the expressive pet lover. Therefore, they are popular with dog owners for both their beauty and cuteness.

Samoyed dog

Add a name that proves the attraction of Siberian snow dogs, and is also close relatives of Alaska and Husky. The beauty of Sam (Samoyed’s close calling) comes from the snow-white fur, the balanced body and the gentle and friendly face.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Pitbulls originated from England, were then taken to the United States and trained to become war dogs, and to this day, they have been domesticated for domestic use as pets. Although famous for their aggressiveness, their muscular, tough appearance is loved by many people and is listed among the most beautiful dogs.

Corgi dog

Corgi dog originated from Wales of England, is recognized as the most beautiful short-legged dog in the world. The short legs, big butt and the funny face are the points that help Corgi easily defeat dog lovers.

Poodle dog

Once a large hunting dog in the swamps of Europe, but now Poodle has become a small pet dog breed is popular in the world. What makes Poodle adorable is the thick curly coat, mischievous and approachable. Not only is the list of names of the most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world, but Poodle is also very popular for being easy to raise, smart and docile.


Similar to Poodle, Pomeranian always makes us admire their beauty and lovely, especially for the furry dog ​​fans. This small breed can also adapt well to the environment, can be kept in small apartments. The mischief and hyperactivity of Pom makes people keep them happy.

American Eskimo dog

Eskimo is an extremely beautiful ornamental dog with thick white fur covering the whole body, small face and jet black eyes. Eskimo has also been known to the world as a popular dog raised by the British nobility, and the puppy of British queen Charlotte.

Akita Inu Dog

With a perfectly balanced appearance, majestic appearance, elegant bold aristocracy Akita Inu is not only the “national dog” of the land of the rising sun, but also ranked among the most beautiful dogs at the moment. In particular, in them there is dedication, loyalty that no other dog can match.

Golden Retriever dog

Golden is a British hound with many excellent qualities such as balanced physique, elegance, loyalty and intelligence ranked second in the dogs. This medium-sized dog is also very active, mischievous and owner, so they are easily loved and bred in the world.

At home isolated, the owner uses the drone to take his dog for a walk

A man in the Republic of Cyprus used a drone to take his dog for a walk during his home isolation.

In the context of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, authorities in many countries have asked people not to go to the streets, to stop playing venues to avoid the risk of virus spreading.

Many people have come up with unique ways to abide by the rules but still do not interfere with daily routines. For example, Vakis Demetriou, a man in the Republic of Cyprus, used a remote control drone to take his dog for a walk while he was still at home avoiding the epidemic.

In a video posted by Demetriou on Facebook on March 18, the dog was tied to a drone, running off the road while the drone flew behind to keep it from running away.

At the end of the video, Demetriou also sent the message “Stay home to be safe, but don’t forget to make your puppy happy”.

The video quickly caught the attention of the online community, even shared by news sites like The New York Daily News because it was too cute. The video has now reached more than 4.2 million views on Twitter.

Interestingly, the expression of the dog does not care what is driving him is a machine or a person. Some Twitter accounts are also humorous as to who will clean up his “dumps” after everything is done.

In the present time, the drones are becoming effective assistance of humans. In China, authorities use drones to monitor and remind people to wear masks, deliver goods, spray disinfectants and test their body temperature. Spanish police and the state of California (USA) also use drones to remind people to limit the road if not needed.

On March 15, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, declared a state of emergency because of an epidemic and implemented a number of measures, such as closing public areas and trade centers. Health certification entry into the country. Many countries around the world use similar measures to control epidemics.

Dog health care ensures the best development

Dog health care is the best way to help dogs grow, you will get your pet dog that is always healthy and restful, who is your soulmate. So you need to take care of them properly.

The following article will teach you how to take good care of your pet dog. Please refer to the article to improve your knowledge to help your dog grow comprehensively.

Nutrition for dogs

Dog nutrition is the secret of health care for your beloved dog, making them smart, lovely, healthy, agile and obedient to you.

To be able to take good care you should pay attention to the nutritional issue of top priority. If the dog is provided with sufficient nutrients, it will help their body to stimulate cognitive awareness as well as to quickly acquire the language and gesture of the owner in a better way. A reasonable diet should be provided with dog food with adequate nutrients, you can refer to some foods such as rice flour, corn flour, minced meat will be used for puppies. Lovely unfinished digestive system. For large dogs, you should add nutrients to some other nutrients to provide energy for their activity and weight such as: Protein, fat, starch, minerals and vitamine. You should choose foods from natural foods.


Note, for dog health care you need to cook food and dry food yourself, you should eat soft to ensure digestive health for dogs. You should not abuse too much food that has been meeting or dry food because they contain preservatives that are at risk of affecting the health of your favorite dog and dog.

You should feed your dog a lot of fruits and vegetables while providing nutrients for dogs and not at risk of causing unwanted effects affecting the health of dogs, while helping their fur smooth and shiny.

Feed dogs properly

Eating dogs properly helps dogs absorb nutrients in the best way. Contraindicated for your pet dog to eat too much milk, fishy fish, too much fat or too salty. Absolutely do not feed dogs live food especially animal organs. Because these foods are at risk of causing dog diseases and contain a lot of toxins that are highly carcinogenic.


You absolutely should not give your dog the ready-to-eat sausages, etc. these foods will make your dog shorten its life and may be at risk of dying before adulthood.

Please apply to taking care of your pet dog in the best way!