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Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 5)

8. Scottish Fold Cat.

This is a cat breed that originated in Scotland and dates back to 1961. Scottish Folds possess ears with 4 different degrees of pitch. Along with her plump face, it is always a great attraction. The color of this cat breed is also extremely diverse: gray, blue, gray, silver, gold. This is a very cute, sociable, and considered calm and “mature” cat compared to other friend same age

A Scottish Fold weighs an average of 2-4kg in females and 3-6kg in males

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly brush and check the cat’s eyes. Although this is a healthy breed, it is also necessary to have regular vaccinations to ensure their health

• The Scottish Fold is a cat breed that is susceptible to cardiomyopathy, kidney failure and bone and joint diseases, so it is necessary to take care and monitor the cat regularly and carefully.

9. Persian Cat.

The Persian cat is known as the super-cute line of Persian cats. Their fur is extremely warm, thick with 2 puffy coats, very suitable to withstand the cold weather. For this breed, they are extremely temperate, gentle, and love to be petted and cuddled by their owners. This is the biggest reason to attract the number of people who want to buy cats.

Like other cats, the Persian cat has small ears, big round eyes and a more special feature is that they have a lovely flat nose. They can be 28-35cm tall and weigh an average of 3-5kg. Persia is also extremely diverse with different coat colors: cream, white, gray-green, red, etc.

How to take care of your cat:

• Feed them cat nuts, and get nutrients from fresh produce: beef, chicken, fish. Be careful not to feed your cat pork

• Besides, it is necessary to add vitamins and minerals to the cat, brush regularly to keep them smooth and clean

10. British cats with short hairs

The short-haired British cat is known to be an artificial cat and appeared around 100 years AD. The short-haired British cat has a face that “captivates” people at first sight. Their small appearance, plump body, short legs that make all ages feel amused. His eyes were always sparkling and full of mildness.

This is a docile cat, extremely docile, lovely and extremely intelligent. Not only that, it is also very affectionate, is an ideal cat for those who are wishing to buy cats as pets.

The short-haired British cat has good cold tolerance, the weight ranges from 4-7.5kg and the length is from 32-35cm. This cat is extremely sociable, friendly, does not disturb the owner and is extremely active and mischievous. It is suitable for all ages with beautiful little puckered ears.

How to take care of your cat:

• Choose the right cat shower gel so that they don’t have allergies. Feed your cat with cat seeds or fresh meat, fish. Buy cat litter to make sure it stays clean. Also, play with your cat regularly and brush it. If your cat has a claw and other toy items in the house, your cat will enjoy more

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 4)

6. Russian green cat 400-3,000 USD

This breed of cat was discovered in the 19th century in Russia. Compact but extremely toned cat appearance. With an active lifestyle, they are extremely agile and active. Unlike other cat breeds, the Russian blue cat is quite shy, gentle and extremely gentle.

It must be said that this is a cat with extremely attractive blue eyes. The gray or white coat makes it thrilling. An adult cat is about 38-35cm tall. The female weight is 2-3.5kg with males 3-5kg. Russian green cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years if well cared for

How to take care of your cat:

• Need to brush regularly, bathe the type of shower gel suitable for cats. And need to feed them properly, avoid foods with too much fat.

7. Sphynx cat 300-3,000 USD

 You may not know, the Sphynx is a very special hairless breed.

Sphynx cat was discovered from 1960-1970. It is a cat breed derived from a genetic mutation of the Prune hairless cat breed in Canada. And now, thanks to the improvement and breeding, it has reached the cat market of the world.

Surely no one will know, the Sphynx is considered the worst cat in the world. Although it has now been improved, it is still dubbed the “Most Horror in the World” cat.

• The characteristic of this breed is that the whole body is smooth, the skin is white, and some have a fur coat.

• Their colors are also extremely rich: white, black, nude … and can be mixed in Black-white, Pink-gray …

• Their ears are large, their eyes are big, their skin is always wrinkled, so funny

• And another difference of this breed compared to other breeds is that they do not have a beard on their face

• Their appearance is extremely scary but in fact they are cute, friendly and easy to get along with

• It is a fairly intelligent species, has a curiosity and a high level of learning, is very obedient and easy to teach.


• It is important to pay attention to the cat’s body as it is a hairless breed that is susceptible to colds.

• Choose low-fat cat foods, especially fish. Although they are hairless, they also need regular bathing and grooming.

• You need to clean and shiver your cat to avoid periodontal disease.

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 3)

4. American cats with twisted ears: 1,000-3,000 USD

The twisted-eared American cat is also known by many people with a very cute name: the American curly-ear cat. The ears of the certificate start to curl as they enter the 3-4 year old development process. This is a cat breed produced by natural genetic mutations and developed by humans. This cat breed is of medium size and weight. The weight of children is from 2.3-3.6kg. Males from 3-4.5kg. Document height 25-35cm. Their lifespan is about 13 years.

The twisted-eared American cat is an extremely easy-to-keep, friendly, lovely cat with a distinctive pair of ears that do not “touch”. It is easy to feed and in good health, suitable for all ages. Therefore, this is a cat breed that is also quite popular in all families that love animals.

meo my tai xoan

Take care of and feed another cat’s diet. Attention should be paid to cleaning cat ears regularly, and regularly visiting so that the cat is properly protected. In addition, regularly grooming the coat to keep the cat soft.

5. Norwegian wild cat: 600-3,000 USD

According to some sources this is the breed of cat found in Northern Europe and it is adapted to very cold climates. It was recognized by countries in Europe and the International Cat Breeding Association in 1977. The male Norwegian wild cat can weigh up to 9kg, and the female cat ranges from less than 9kg. They have a lifespan of 13-16 years.

This cat has a large wedge-shaped head and almond eyes. The nose is straight, the ears are large and broad, and the neck is large. Because it can withstand very cold weather, the cat’s coat is extremely thick. The special feature of this breed is that it has a large mane like the mighty lions.

The reason that cat fur is so thick is that it consists of two layers: the upper layer is glossy, long, rippled, and the lower layer acts as an insulation. In spring, they will be thin and light, in autumn they will lose their old coat to put on their new outfit.

tinh cach meo rung na uy

The Norwegian wild cat also has a variety of coat colors: smoky gray, dark black, brown mixed with red, white, red, striped or colored marble. This is considered a very polite, friendly, sociable and active cat. That is the reason so many people hunt for them.

How to take care of the cat: let the cat move, climb … dynamic games. Pay attention to their daily food as this is a cat that is quite prone to weight gain. And it is important to let the cat exercise regularly to keep a lovely body.

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 2)

2. Savannah cats: 1,500 – 50,000 $

This is a special breed of cat, bred from domestic cats (Siamese cats) with Serval cats (African wild cats). With generations from F1 to F5, the price of Savana cats will decrease. And the most expensive is the Savanah F1 cats with the shape closest to the wild. A cat can cost up to $ 50,000 with this wild trait.

According to some sources, the cat was born on April 7, 1986 with a successful breed of Judee Frank and it was registered by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001.

tinh cach meo savannah

Adult Savannah cats weigh over 15kg. And with ordinary small cats, their weight should not exceed 10kg.

It has a long body with a high neck, when large they look like wild leopard. Cats have a small head in the shape of an equilateral triangle, small eyes, wide ears, and a thick but short tail. Its special feature is that there are black stripes running down its cheeks like the Cheetah

The Savannah cat is not an easy cat breed compared to other breeds, especially for beginners. With a cross between domestic cats and wild cats, Savannah is extremely adventurous. so they are always in hiding and extremely active

However, with the owner, it is also very emotional and approachable and sometimes it also protects your family. This is exactly why, despite being so wild, many people still choose Savannah as a pet.

How to take care of the cat: pay attention to the cat’s coat, can feed the cat dry or wet foods and add some fresh foods such as meat and fish to supplement nutrition.

3. Peterbald cat: 1,200-5,000 USD

This is the 8th most expensive cat breed in the world, and is similar to the Sphynx cat, which is also a hairless breed. The Peterbald breed is known to be the result of a cross between the male Don Sphynx and the Oriental female in 1944. It was the invention of the cat researcher Olga SMirnova.

The cat’s body is slender, the tail is like a whip, and the legs are extremely slim. Its head is wedge-shaped, with large eyes and characteristic ears. There are wrinkles on the head, neck, tail, lower abdomen. This is an extremely intelligent, powerful and humorous cat with mischief. And especially, it is also extremely sociable with domestic pets. So this is a very popular cat breed on the market today.

cham soc meo peterbald

The average life span of cats can be 10-12 years, and can last longer if they live in a good environment. The Peterbald cat is considered to be a non-allergenic cat breed. Because cats are less furry and need frequent baths, they are difficult to irritate skin of all ages.

How to take care of your cat

• For cats that are beginning to practice or are less than 3 months old, feed them 4-5 meals/day in combination with warm milk. From 3-6 months, they can eat 4 meals/day and over 6 months can let them eat 2 meals/day. Especially need to add starch, fat, vitamins to balance the health of the cat

• Bathe and groom them regularly. And you can buy personal insurance for your cat.

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 1)

Referring to cats, people often think of a pet that is extremely popular in the world. But few people know, in addition to their cute and adorable appearance, there are cat breeds that carry extremely expensive prices, up to hundreds of US dollars.

Let’s take a look at the TOP 10 most expensive cats on the market today.

1. Ashera cat ~ $ 20,000

Ashera cats are known by another name “artificial cat”, they are not naturally spawning but are an expensive product of LifeStyle Pets Company.

Asherah cat has a quite special coat, it is a blend of Asian leopard, African wildcat and a domestic cat. At the same time it also inherits the wild cheetah in its eyes and an elongated body.

An Ashera cat will weigh 12-15kg and can be up to 1m high, capable of bouncing 2.5m high. What’s even more special is that they have a lifespan of up to 25 years, a very high number compared to other cat breeds.

meo ashera

According to the source of LifeStyle Pets, the Ashera cat has 4 hair styles:

  • Common Ashera (Common Ashera): Brown-yellow hair associated with speckled
  • Hypoallergenic Ashera: Golden brown hair with blotchy combination and does not cause allergy in contact
  • Snow Ashera: Cream-white or white-white with a few spots
  • Royal Ashera: This is considered an extremely rare coat color and the number of Ashera cats with this color each year is a very small number. It can be yellow brown or white with blotchy spots

Although Ashera cat looks extremely wild, but in fact it is extremely tangerine and friendly with the owner. Therefore, this is a cat breed that many people love and hunt for as a pet.

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly groom its coat.

• Offer them dry canned cat food or foods like chicken, fish, etc.

• Use common cat bath lotions to bathe Ashera.

• Get vaccinated regularly to keep your cat healthy.