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All Pet Naturals is a blog site dedicated to the holistic health, long life and happiness of your companion animal. Our core belief is to offer natural herbal remedies and homeopathic treatments as an alternative to traditional forms of veterinary medicine.

Our products come from 100% natural organic herbal sources from the finest providers in the world.

Used properly, holistic  products  can stimulate the body’s natural defenses to fighting illness allowing the animal to heal itself thus improving the overall health of your pet, after all as the word implies “holistic” comes from whole!

In a natural setting, animals have medicated themselves with different herbs for thousands of years. But today, with the advent of mass produced commercial pet foods and grooming products (that are superbly marketed and delivered almost right to your door!) what’s tended to happened is these products have, through the refining process, been drained of their essential nutrients and vitamins or even worse have allowed unsavory environmental toxins and heavy metals to leech into the product mix. Not in every case mind you but enough. We see it in ourselves, in our food products — and so the same applies to the animal world.

It is a tragedy but convenience comes with a price. Fortunately, for us we think differently and we are here to offer recommendations and alternative solutions that you can think about.

It is our sincere hope that you find this blog site helpful and user friendly and we also hope that you will tell your friends and ask them to comment or post so that we reach them too. The more we spread the word the better and  the healthier our animals will become,  which means years and years of joyous love, like ourselves. Namaste, in health.

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    thanks, which program are you in?

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