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The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 2)

Becgie dog

Incredible power, versatility and high intelligence are words that can help you get a glimpse of the German Shepherd Dog.

The German Shepherd breed has long been considered one of the easiest breeds to keep and is very intelligent, they are very good at many activities, because of their intelligence and ability to obey commands – the German shepherd dog has the power. The amount of police, the army uses a lot, in addition, they are very loyal and have a protective instinct – so they are an ideal companion for all families.

As a herd animal, the German Shepherd Dog has always wanted to be a part of the family, organization, team, and they will reciprocate your affection indefinitely.

German Shepherds are easy to train, learn quickly and understand instructions better than other dogs.

Besides, the German Shepherd Dog is an ideal friend for all families, they are very happy, active, loyal and bonding with children. The German Shepherd needs regular brushing, especially during the shedding season.

In order to maintain their health, you need to give them a nutritious diet, always have water ready because Shepherd drinks a lot.

Golden Retriever

Ranked fourth on the list of easiest breeds to breed – it’s the Golden Retriever, the first of its kind to have won the AKC championship title three times in competitions. Goldens is the brightest face in terms of obedience.

They always want to master satisfaction and happiness so they always complete their assigned tasks well. Golden Retriever has a pretty beautiful appearance, they have a well-proportioned, healthy body.

In terms of personality, Goldens have a very good temperament, they are very intelligent, they behave properly and love their owners very much, in addition, they are very gentle and patient with children, so Goldens is chosen by many families. choose.

Moreover, Goldens is also a job dog, so they are also used as a small assistant such as guide for the blind,…

Overall, Goldens is very friendly to people, so if you want to raise a dog with high protective instincts, then Goldens is not necessarily the right choice for you. In addition, Goldens loves outdoor activities, they enjoy playing, running, swimming, and chasing.

The easiest dog breeds to keep, are extremely helpful in taking care of (Part 1)

What are the easiest dog breeds to breed for beginners to care for a pet?

When looking at dog breeds, we usually look at many factors. Is that dog smart? Are they easy to train and care for? Are they suitable for your lifestyle?

People often think that dogs learn more or less depending on their intelligence level. In addition, a dog’s loyalty is a trait any dog ​​owner wants.

Once you decide to keep a dog, you need to be responsible for your dog, dogs are like children, they also have their own personality and needs.

If you are looking for a new member for your family, then you can consider the following 11 breeds, as they are rated as the easiest breeds to keep!

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a bright representative in the top of the easiest dog breeds. They are native to the Scottish and English borders (which is why they are named), this energetic breed is easy to train.

The Border Collie is very smart, can be ranked first among smart breeds, the Border Collies can learn a command after just 5 repetitions, and will comply with up to 95% accuracy.

Besides, they are very active and love sports, you can often see the Border Collies in dog competitions.

In addition, they are also very active, very good at games such as catching balls, throwing discs. Border Collies are a great companion for your family, however, they should be facilitated to join more people in addition to your family members.


Aside from the Border Collies, there is another smart dog on this list of easiest breeds, the Poodle.

The Poodle is very active, active and easy to train. As a fast learning dog, the Poodle excels at almost every activity.

Poodle has a small stomach, so you only need to feed them three small meals a day. In addition, Poodle likes activities such as tracking, swimming, training.

Poodle has 3 sizes that are Toy Poodle (Small Poodle), Miniature Poodle (Medium Poodle) and Standard Poodle (Big Poodle), if the Poodle is well cared for, then most of them have. can live well, healthy to adulthood.

When raising a Poodle, there is a mandatory requirement, that is, you must brush them weekly, which is also something that can create a connection between the owner and this little friend.

Poodle dogs need regular exercise, in addition, Poodle can easily adapt to all lifestyles.

Poodle is a breed that loves to be with people and play, so being a member of the family will make the Poodle very happy.

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 5)

8. Scottish Fold Cat.

This is a cat breed that originated in Scotland and dates back to 1961. Scottish Folds possess ears with 4 different degrees of pitch. Along with her plump face, it is always a great attraction. The color of this cat breed is also extremely diverse: gray, blue, gray, silver, gold. This is a very cute, sociable, and considered calm and “mature” cat compared to other friend same age

A Scottish Fold weighs an average of 2-4kg in females and 3-6kg in males

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly brush and check the cat’s eyes. Although this is a healthy breed, it is also necessary to have regular vaccinations to ensure their health

• The Scottish Fold is a cat breed that is susceptible to cardiomyopathy, kidney failure and bone and joint diseases, so it is necessary to take care and monitor the cat regularly and carefully.

9. Persian Cat.

The Persian cat is known as the super-cute line of Persian cats. Their fur is extremely warm, thick with 2 puffy coats, very suitable to withstand the cold weather. For this breed, they are extremely temperate, gentle, and love to be petted and cuddled by their owners. This is the biggest reason to attract the number of people who want to buy cats.

Like other cats, the Persian cat has small ears, big round eyes and a more special feature is that they have a lovely flat nose. They can be 28-35cm tall and weigh an average of 3-5kg. Persia is also extremely diverse with different coat colors: cream, white, gray-green, red, etc.

How to take care of your cat:

• Feed them cat nuts, and get nutrients from fresh produce: beef, chicken, fish. Be careful not to feed your cat pork

• Besides, it is necessary to add vitamins and minerals to the cat, brush regularly to keep them smooth and clean

10. British cats with short hairs

The short-haired British cat is known to be an artificial cat and appeared around 100 years AD. The short-haired British cat has a face that “captivates” people at first sight. Their small appearance, plump body, short legs that make all ages feel amused. His eyes were always sparkling and full of mildness.

This is a docile cat, extremely docile, lovely and extremely intelligent. Not only that, it is also very affectionate, is an ideal cat for those who are wishing to buy cats as pets.

The short-haired British cat has good cold tolerance, the weight ranges from 4-7.5kg and the length is from 32-35cm. This cat is extremely sociable, friendly, does not disturb the owner and is extremely active and mischievous. It is suitable for all ages with beautiful little puckered ears.

How to take care of your cat:

• Choose the right cat shower gel so that they don’t have allergies. Feed your cat with cat seeds or fresh meat, fish. Buy cat litter to make sure it stays clean. Also, play with your cat regularly and brush it. If your cat has a claw and other toy items in the house, your cat will enjoy more

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 4)

6. Russian green cat 400-3,000 USD

This breed of cat was discovered in the 19th century in Russia. Compact but extremely toned cat appearance. With an active lifestyle, they are extremely agile and active. Unlike other cat breeds, the Russian blue cat is quite shy, gentle and extremely gentle.

It must be said that this is a cat with extremely attractive blue eyes. The gray or white coat makes it thrilling. An adult cat is about 38-35cm tall. The female weight is 2-3.5kg with males 3-5kg. Russian green cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years if well cared for

How to take care of your cat:

• Need to brush regularly, bathe the type of shower gel suitable for cats. And need to feed them properly, avoid foods with too much fat.

7. Sphynx cat 300-3,000 USD

 You may not know, the Sphynx is a very special hairless breed.

Sphynx cat was discovered from 1960-1970. It is a cat breed derived from a genetic mutation of the Prune hairless cat breed in Canada. And now, thanks to the improvement and breeding, it has reached the cat market of the world.

Surely no one will know, the Sphynx is considered the worst cat in the world. Although it has now been improved, it is still dubbed the “Most Horror in the World” cat.

• The characteristic of this breed is that the whole body is smooth, the skin is white, and some have a fur coat.

• Their colors are also extremely rich: white, black, nude … and can be mixed in Black-white, Pink-gray …

• Their ears are large, their eyes are big, their skin is always wrinkled, so funny

• And another difference of this breed compared to other breeds is that they do not have a beard on their face

• Their appearance is extremely scary but in fact they are cute, friendly and easy to get along with

• It is a fairly intelligent species, has a curiosity and a high level of learning, is very obedient and easy to teach.


• It is important to pay attention to the cat’s body as it is a hairless breed that is susceptible to colds.

• Choose low-fat cat foods, especially fish. Although they are hairless, they also need regular bathing and grooming.

• You need to clean and shiver your cat to avoid periodontal disease.

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 2)

2. Savannah cats: 1,500 – 50,000 $

This is a special breed of cat, bred from domestic cats (Siamese cats) with Serval cats (African wild cats). With generations from F1 to F5, the price of Savana cats will decrease. And the most expensive is the Savanah F1 cats with the shape closest to the wild. A cat can cost up to $ 50,000 with this wild trait.

According to some sources, the cat was born on April 7, 1986 with a successful breed of Judee Frank and it was registered by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001.

tinh cach meo savannah

Adult Savannah cats weigh over 15kg. And with ordinary small cats, their weight should not exceed 10kg.

It has a long body with a high neck, when large they look like wild leopard. Cats have a small head in the shape of an equilateral triangle, small eyes, wide ears, and a thick but short tail. Its special feature is that there are black stripes running down its cheeks like the Cheetah

The Savannah cat is not an easy cat breed compared to other breeds, especially for beginners. With a cross between domestic cats and wild cats, Savannah is extremely adventurous. so they are always in hiding and extremely active

However, with the owner, it is also very emotional and approachable and sometimes it also protects your family. This is exactly why, despite being so wild, many people still choose Savannah as a pet.

How to take care of the cat: pay attention to the cat’s coat, can feed the cat dry or wet foods and add some fresh foods such as meat and fish to supplement nutrition.

3. Peterbald cat: 1,200-5,000 USD

This is the 8th most expensive cat breed in the world, and is similar to the Sphynx cat, which is also a hairless breed. The Peterbald breed is known to be the result of a cross between the male Don Sphynx and the Oriental female in 1944. It was the invention of the cat researcher Olga SMirnova.

The cat’s body is slender, the tail is like a whip, and the legs are extremely slim. Its head is wedge-shaped, with large eyes and characteristic ears. There are wrinkles on the head, neck, tail, lower abdomen. This is an extremely intelligent, powerful and humorous cat with mischief. And especially, it is also extremely sociable with domestic pets. So this is a very popular cat breed on the market today.

cham soc meo peterbald

The average life span of cats can be 10-12 years, and can last longer if they live in a good environment. The Peterbald cat is considered to be a non-allergenic cat breed. Because cats are less furry and need frequent baths, they are difficult to irritate skin of all ages.

How to take care of your cat

• For cats that are beginning to practice or are less than 3 months old, feed them 4-5 meals/day in combination with warm milk. From 3-6 months, they can eat 4 meals/day and over 6 months can let them eat 2 meals/day. Especially need to add starch, fat, vitamins to balance the health of the cat

• Bathe and groom them regularly. And you can buy personal insurance for your cat.

Top 10 most expensive cat breeds you should know (Part 1)

Referring to cats, people often think of a pet that is extremely popular in the world. But few people know, in addition to their cute and adorable appearance, there are cat breeds that carry extremely expensive prices, up to hundreds of US dollars.

Let’s take a look at the TOP 10 most expensive cats on the market today.

1. Ashera cat ~ $ 20,000

Ashera cats are known by another name “artificial cat”, they are not naturally spawning but are an expensive product of LifeStyle Pets Company.

Asherah cat has a quite special coat, it is a blend of Asian leopard, African wildcat and a domestic cat. At the same time it also inherits the wild cheetah in its eyes and an elongated body.

An Ashera cat will weigh 12-15kg and can be up to 1m high, capable of bouncing 2.5m high. What’s even more special is that they have a lifespan of up to 25 years, a very high number compared to other cat breeds.

meo ashera

According to the source of LifeStyle Pets, the Ashera cat has 4 hair styles:

  • Common Ashera (Common Ashera): Brown-yellow hair associated with speckled
  • Hypoallergenic Ashera: Golden brown hair with blotchy combination and does not cause allergy in contact
  • Snow Ashera: Cream-white or white-white with a few spots
  • Royal Ashera: This is considered an extremely rare coat color and the number of Ashera cats with this color each year is a very small number. It can be yellow brown or white with blotchy spots

Although Ashera cat looks extremely wild, but in fact it is extremely tangerine and friendly with the owner. Therefore, this is a cat breed that many people love and hunt for as a pet.

How to take care of your cat:

• Regularly groom its coat.

• Offer them dry canned cat food or foods like chicken, fish, etc.

• Use common cat bath lotions to bathe Ashera.

• Get vaccinated regularly to keep your cat healthy.

The most beautiful cats in the world

The reason cats, the most popular pet in the world, are so popular because they are very rich in species, fur color and extremely cute, friendly personality.

Especially, many cats are nature bestowed on people as beautiful as statues, making it hard for us to hold our hearts and to love them constantly. Here is our review of the most beautiful cats in the world, which you can refer to choose a cat that suits your personality and interests.

Arabic cat

The Persian cat is a breed that is very popular for its lovable, moderate breeds that are close to its owner. Possesses a long, thick, 2-layer fur, they look like mobile cotton balls. However, this advantage is also a weakness of Persian cats, because their fur falls a lot, which is a big obstacle if you do not have a lot of free time and are the type who likes to be clean.

arab cat | Funny cat compilation, Funny animal videos, Cats

One of the easy-to-identify features of Persian cats is that they have a very short nose bridge, so the Persian Cat is also known as a cat. Because the nose is short and broken, it is difficult to breathe or have watery eyes. Therefore, you need to consider carefully if you want to adopt a cat of this breed.

Exotic Cats

Exotic cats are also known as short-haired Persian cats, because they share many similarities with Persian cats with round faces, cute short noses but a short, thick layer of fur. Compared with Persian cats, Exotic cats care quite simply, without too much effort. They are quite affectionate, sweet, gentle and wrap around, although at first glance they look scowling, unapproachable. Although it has only been around for 50 years, Exotic is one of the 10 most beautiful cats in the world.

Cat Angora

Turkish Angora Cat: Breed Information, Characteristics and Facts

The Turkish Angora or Ankara cat is a breed originating from the Turkish Ankara region. This is a rather strange cat breed, almost unique, because they have more characteristics similar to dogs than cats. However, because they are still cats, they cannot bark, but in return, the Angora Turkish Cat is very intelligent and has a good memory. Therefore, Angora cats often learn very quickly. You can easily train them or teach them simple lessons, they can imitate quickly.

6 simple ways to check your pet’s health at home

Currently, pet farming has become popular. To make sure they live long and healthy, we need to conduct regular home inspections.

1. Measure temperature

To check regularly at home, you can buy a special thermometer that measures a pet’s temperature by placing the probe in the ear. The normal temperature range of cats is 100°F – 102.5°F (37.7°C – 39.1°C). The average temperature in dogs is usually 101°F (38°C), but it is better if it is higher or lower than this by 1 to 2 degrees.


2. Measure and control your pet’s heart rate

For this process, you will need to prepare a stopwatch or a timer function on the smartphone.

– To measure the cat’s heart rate, just place your hand on the chest behind the cat’s elbow. Count beats for 15 seconds and multiplies the result by 4 times. The normal heart rate of cats is 140-220 beats per minute.

– To measure the heart rate of a dog, place the palm on the chest under the armpit. Count the beat similar to the above. The normal heart rate of a dog is 70-120 beats per minute (depending on the size of the animal).


– Check your pet’s eye problems: Eye problems are one of the most common reasons for dogs and cats to visit a vet. Eye infections have many different forms, one of the causes of blindness, leaving serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to check and clean your eyes. In case you notice that their eyes have any inflammation, do not hesitate to see a veterinarian.

3. Check ears to find ticks and scratches


A pet’s ear test can help you detect parasites and infections early. Check carefully both outside and inside. It should be noted that when a pet has one of the following symptoms: earache, smell, inflamed skin, a bump, strange object in the ear.

4. Weight control and attention to pet behavior


In addition to checking the body parts, you need to monitor the amount of food and behavior of the pet. Just like humans, obese pets are at risk for diseases that prevent them from living long. Pay attention when they are suddenly lazy, sad or have any unusual actions.

5. Check your pet’s fur and skin


Check your pet’s skin for scratches or parasites, especially when they play outside. Early detection of unusual symptoms is easy to find positive treatment for your pet.

The most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world

Here, we will reveal a list of the names of the most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world voted by prestigious organizations and dog lovers.

Alaskan Malamute

It is not surprising that the Alaskan snow dog is one of the candidates holding the top position of the list of beautiful dog names in the world. As an offshoot of the Arctic snow wolves, which underwent crossbreeding with larger dog breeds, Alaska today possesses a brave appearance, incredible toughness and agility.

Siberian husky

Also the line of sled dogs with thick fur and majestic appearance, many people confuse the Husky dog ​​with Alaska. However, if you look closely you will notice that the Husky has a fierce face and shorter fur. They look much smaller, even half or 1/3 compared to Alaska.

Despite its wild, cold appearance, the snow dog’s personality is extremely gentle and friendly and is even known as the expressive pet lover. Therefore, they are popular with dog owners for both their beauty and cuteness.

Samoyed dog

Add a name that proves the attraction of Siberian snow dogs, and is also close relatives of Alaska and Husky. The beauty of Sam (Samoyed’s close calling) comes from the snow-white fur, the balanced body and the gentle and friendly face.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Pitbulls originated from England, were then taken to the United States and trained to become war dogs, and to this day, they have been domesticated for domestic use as pets. Although famous for their aggressiveness, their muscular, tough appearance is loved by many people and is listed among the most beautiful dogs.

Corgi dog

Corgi dog originated from Wales of England, is recognized as the most beautiful short-legged dog in the world. The short legs, big butt and the funny face are the points that help Corgi easily defeat dog lovers.

Poodle dog

Once a large hunting dog in the swamps of Europe, but now Poodle has become a small pet dog breed is popular in the world. What makes Poodle adorable is the thick curly coat, mischievous and approachable. Not only is the list of names of the most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world, but Poodle is also very popular for being easy to raise, smart and docile.


Similar to Poodle, Pomeranian always makes us admire their beauty and lovely, especially for the furry dog ​​fans. This small breed can also adapt well to the environment, can be kept in small apartments. The mischief and hyperactivity of Pom makes people keep them happy.

American Eskimo dog

Eskimo is an extremely beautiful ornamental dog with thick white fur covering the whole body, small face and jet black eyes. Eskimo has also been known to the world as a popular dog raised by the British nobility, and the puppy of British queen Charlotte.

Akita Inu Dog

With a perfectly balanced appearance, majestic appearance, elegant bold aristocracy Akita Inu is not only the “national dog” of the land of the rising sun, but also ranked among the most beautiful dogs at the moment. In particular, in them there is dedication, loyalty that no other dog can match.

Golden Retriever dog

Golden is a British hound with many excellent qualities such as balanced physique, elegance, loyalty and intelligence ranked second in the dogs. This medium-sized dog is also very active, mischievous and owner, so they are easily loved and bred in the world.

Where to buy hamster? – The best answer for you

You will not have to spend too much money and time to own and care for a hamster, because this hamster is quite affordable in the market and how to take care of them is quite simple. But not everyone knows how to buy a healthy and pretty hamster.

Here, we will answer the question of where to buy a hamster, and share experiences on how to buy a standard hamster, along with it!

How to choose a standard Hamster

You should note some points as follows, to be able to choose for themselves a suitable Hamster, lovely and really healthy hamster:

• First of all, you need to select and learn carefully each of the mouse varieties that you feel like and best suited to your conditions and interests. You should choose the Hamster Robo or the Winter Hamster if you like a gentle, meek and lovely hamster. Choose a Cambell or a Bear mouse if you like hyperactive mice.

• Mice should be selected about 2 months old. Because in their lifetime, these mice are in the healthiest stage. Regarding the age of the mouse you want to buy, you should ask the seller directly.

• To ensure the purchase of a healthy mouse, go to reputable and quality shops, not to bring their common pathogens, to protect them is to protect you.

• Should go buy hamsters in the afternoon, or exactly in the evening if selected. Because daytime is usually the time they go to bed and rats are nocturnal. Now to choose the right and most accurate, it will be difficult to see which one is really healthy.

Where to buy hamster?

Because hamsters are so popular, hamsters are now very much available on the market for all types and prices. You can even buy hamster mice for an extremely cheap price. However, buyers should be careful when buying hamsters for very cheap prices, because the quality of mice is not guaranteed, poor health and few good qualities. Not to mention that these mice are at risk of carrying germs. So where to buy hamster?

Pet shop that sells hamsters

With the prevalence of hamsters on the market, you can easily find stores that sell these mice and come directly to buy. Usually, pet stores will choose good quality baby ones to sell and will come with a warranty if you come to buy a mouse. You can also come and check and be consulted carefully by your counselor before choosing. So this method of buying is quite safe.

Specialized sites, forums of buying, selling and exchanging Hamster mice

This method of buying Hamsters is extremely convenient, fast and gives you more options. You can find a seller and a mouse like that anywhere. Moreover, the price is also cheaper than when buying at the store.

The drawback of online shopping is that the sellers are too rampant, the scammers easily mix and make you buy poor quality mice. The solution is to choose a person who sells their accommodation, to take place to directly check the mouse quality. Besides, should be wary of news that sell hamsters at very cheap prices.